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Event Timeline for Æthelmearc’s First Year as a Principality

The Reign of Tarbold and Cainder
First Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc
December 2 1989 - Æthelmearc Investiture (First Court), Rydderich Hael
**First AoA’s awarded in the new Principality
Award of Arms - Ragnar of Elandris
Award of Arms - Ailbheil of Dun Holen

Bedawyr of Avaricum was knighted at this event.(OP via the East)
January 6 1990 - Æthelmearc Twelfth Night, Debatable Lands
Award of Arms - Astrid WolfCounsel
Award of Arms - Cassandra Theodosius
Award of Arms - Ambrin the Apolitical
**First Keystones awarded in the new Principality
Companion of the {Keystone} - Andreas Hak [Principal]
Companion of the {Keystone} - Zehava Tchauchik
Companion of the {Keystone} - Magnus de Cnoc an Iora
Companion of the {Keystone} - Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn
Companion of the {Sycamore} - Maura Etain Sableswan [Principal]
Companion of the {Sycamore} - Esperanza Halevi
January 14 1990 - Afternoon Pot Luck
Award of Arms - Kenn (of St. Swithin's Bog)
Award of Arms - Llfra (of St. Swithin's Bog)
February 10 1990 - 4th Annual St. Valentine's Day Tourney and Feast, Stormsport
**First Golden Alces awarded by the new Principality
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Alexander Caithness of Wyk [Principal]
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Gwilym o'r' Afonydd Tair [Archery Principal]
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Brother Justinian [Rapier Principal]
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Berengaria of the Hounds [Armored Combat Principal]
Award of Arms - Robert Bunchanan of Linlithgow
Award of Arms - Johannes Baumlieder
Award of Arms - Aurelia the Astrologer
Award of Arms - Robert of Burns House
February 24 1990 - Coronet Tourney, Misty Highlands
Companion of the {Keystone} - Barak Elandris Bear the Wallsbane
Companion of the {Keystone} - Ferdon of Glasger
Award of Arms - Lorick Barakon
Award of Arms - James Allen David of Haworth
Award of Arms - Margaret MacDubhshidhe
Award of Arms - Etain ni Morrgan
Award of Arms - Guido Martini of Tinacrea
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Kadan Chakhilghan Ger on Echen
March 17 1990 - 14th Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon, Rydderich Hael
Award of Arms - Guido Halevi Aldina
**First Cornelian awarded by the new Principality
Companion of the {Cornelian} - Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner [Principal]
Companion of the {Sycamore} - Aislynn Finesilver
Companion of the {Sycamore} - Alisatir Scott McCrummin
May 5 1990 - New Year's at Sunrise, Riversmeet
Award of Arms - Ian von Amcken
Companion of the {Cornelian} - Arthur the Mouse
Companion of the {Keystone} - Michael Langley of Riversmeet
May 19 1990 - War Practice, Debatable Lands
Award of Arms - Talitha (of Debtable Lands)
Award of Arms - Cailin O'Donal
Award of Arms - Alyssandra Caissa von Drachenshalle
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Marak Mago
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Sym of Clan Fraser
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Thomas de la Cascade
Companion of the {Golden Alce} - Jas Clarion
Companion of the {Sycamore} - Gabrielle of Auborn
Companion of the {Cornelian} - Fionnghulla Naliossa Lin
May 26 1990 - Welsh Norman Wars, Coppertree
Award of Arms - Baldor Bowbreaker
Companion of the Keystone - Edana Aldys Haukyns
Companion of the Sycamore - Sibyl Cairnfalcon
Companion of the Sycamore - Daniel del Cavallo
June 2 1990 - Æthelmearc Investiture (Last Court), Delftwood
Companion of the Sycamore - Haakon Oaktall
Award of Arms - Brother William of Nutt
Companion of the Keystone - Arianna of Wynthrope
**First Sigils of Aethelmearc awarded by the new Principality
{Sigil of Æthelmearc} - Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn
{Sigil of Æthelmearc} - Aiobheil of Dun Holen
{Sigil of Æthelmearc} - Gwilym o'd Afonydd Tair
{Sigil of Æthelmearc} - Ulric von Beck
{Sigil of Æthelmearc} - Alaric von Konigsberg
(Award of Arms - Alaric von Konigsberg )
(Award of Arms - Ulric von Beck )
The awards listed in parenthesis are believed to have been given out at this event. Can anyone confirm this?

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