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Origins of Æthelmearc Awards

The Sycamore was chosen for the arts award because the trees are ubiquitous throughout the region.(1)

The Cornelian and Garnet (former Princesses) were chosen because those gems are red like the field of our arms.(1)

The Order of the Fleur was originally to be the "Order of the Nightingale", based on a Perisan legend. http://www.ancientsites.com/aw/Post/925527.(4) However, there were issues. Maybe nightingales were not heraldically different from other birds or something like that, and there was a drop of blood involved that was also heraldically confusing with other groups, and there was a discussion in which someone finally got up and said "If it's going to be the Order of the Nightingale, why does the badge have a rose and a drop of blood, but no *bird*?" (3)  Finally, after much discussion, Queen Maurya intervened and decided "you will be the Order of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc". Not sure if she designed the heraldry or gave direction for its design, but she made it so. (2)

The White Scarf is an Ansteorran award. I don't know for sure how they came up with the name, but we signed a heraldic treaty to use it.(4)

The Millrind was a badge that Conner MacLiam had registered prior to Æthelmearc being elevated.  He offered it to the Kingdom to use for the service award. We thought it was in keeping with the idea of the Keystone and accepted his generosity.(4)

The Scarlet Guard I think came from the idea that we used scarves for all three martial awards to start - a white scarf for fencers, a gold scarf for rattan and a red scarf for archery.(4)

Keystone, Sycamore, and Silver Buccle started out as heraldic titles  Silver Buccle as a heraldic title was chosen because Escarbuncle Herald was already taken (I think it was made to sound similar) and then later became the children's award (later split to the just service). (5)
Keystone represents both Pennsylvania and the symbolism of holding things together, so it made sense that that became the service award.(5)

When Silver Buccle was split they took Sycamore and Golden Alce and added/replaced the beginning with Silver. (5)

The Gage was originally not a badge. The idea was that each member of the Gage would be given an actual black leather glove with a white escarbuncle on the back in an effort to move away from the whole "pile of danglies hanging around the neck" and find an alternative token. (6)

This article has been put together from the input of the following individuals:
(1) Mistress Arianna Winthrop, (2) Duchess Dorinda Courtnay-White, (3) THL Myfawny ferch Rhiannon , (4) Countess Caryl Biel,
(5) Elsbeth Turnball (6) Baroness Orianna Fridrikskona

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