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Unsong Heros on a Midnight Dreary
by: Gwen Bengrech Verch Gruffith

2002 Blackstone Raid I came in around 2am and it was a thunderstorm, of course I had to set up my tent. Here I am alone woman in the middle a dark rainy night trying to put poles together under the back of my open mini van for shelter. A Young man was on the porch of one of the Cabins talking to friends, he came out, quickly introduced himself by his first (SCA) name and asked if I needed help. I thanked him and said I'd appreciate it. He then told his friends to come help they not only stood in the rain putting my tent up they also unloaded all my gear into the tent for me (seeing I had a cane they wouldn't let me help). He and his friends of course got soaked and asked for nothing in return. I was tired and wet but I did try to offer libations. He turned it down and he said they were just glad they could help.
I'd never seen the man before and had been out of touch with what was going on in the kingdom for a few months.The next day I found out the Gentleman who had helped me was Prince Rurik Longsword and he had made his red belts help me. He never once mentioned he was the prince or a knight or anything more than a good man doing what he felt was the right thing to do. He asked for no favors or recognition for his good deed. He did it simply because he IS a good man. That day I was proud that he would be my next King.

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