Court Report for The Reign of Bear I and Akiley

The Reign of Bear I and Akiley
Sixth Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc

June 06 1992 – Æthelmearc Investiture (First Court), Nithgaard

Viscountess, Patent of Arms, Lady of the Garnet – Angharad of the Sleeping Lion
Viscount, Patent of Arms – Ariel of Alon
Award of Arms – Henry of Maldon
Award of Arms – Egill the Dane
Award of Arms – Megan of Gode
Award of Arms – Gerwald of Gode
Order of the Cornelian – Valerio Corvenius
Order of the Golden Alce – Cormac MacDubh
Order of the Sycamore – Talon the Bastard
Order of the Sycamore – Andreas Hak
Order of the Sycamore – Tiva the Horsetamer

Award of Arms – Katerina Affodil

June 13 1992 – War Practice, Myrkfaelinn

Award of Arms – Catalina Alvarez

June 20 1992 – Weapons Proficiency, Debatable Lands

Award of Arms – Tristan von Lausanne
Award of Arms – Ecgbehrt
Award of Arms – Handsome Jake of the Debatable Lands
Order of the Sycamore – Isabelle Elaine of Salisbury
Order of the Cornelian – Seabhac na Scail

June 27 1992 – Coronet Tourney, Herontir

Order of the Golden Alce – Random Wronghand
Order of the Sycamore – Ariane of Greylin
Order of the Sycamore – Maeve Aislyn Ronan
Award of Arms – Cygnus the Blissful
Award of Arms – Dorinda Courtenay
Order of the Sycamore – Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner
Order of the Cornelian – Christopher of York
Order of the Cornelian – Garret du Bouclier Noir

July 11 1992 – Border Battle IV, Rhyderrich Hael

Order of the Sycamore – Dale the Wanderer
Order of the Keystone – Geraldine the Wanderer

July 18 1992 – Pax Interruptus / Baronial Investiture, Thescorre

Award of Arms – Emelyne O’Toole
Award of Arms – Eorann MacConneach
Companion of the Sycamore – Nezah bint Saleem
Companion of the Sycamore – Michaele del Vaga

August 11 1992 – Pennsic XXI (Æthelmearc Court), Debatable Lands

Companion of the Golden Alce – Eric Brehattin
Award of Arms – Reynke von Eschenbach
Award of Arms – Forge Coldiron
Companion of the Golden Alce – Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono
Companion of the Golden Alce – Den Hornblower
Companion of the Golden Alce – Dorian Lassiter
Companion of the Keystone – Bedawyr of Avericum
Companion of the Keystone – Lina Sigurdardottir
Companion of the Keystone – Alexander Caithnes of Wyk
Companion of the Sycamore – Rannveigr Haakonardottir
Companion of the Sycamore – Seppo Tannimmen
Companion of the Sycamore – Dyfan ap Iago
Companion of the Sycamore – Grettir the Slow
Companion of the Sycamore – Kerridwyn O’Cathmar

Companion of the Golden Alce – Robert the Grey

September 5 1992 – Tri-Shire Schole, Port Oasis

Award of Arms – Aine Morgwen Cambeul na Diarmid
Award of Arms – Gleandra Redfern
Award of Arms – Raven DeBrace
Award of Arms – Uther Mandrake

September 5 1992 – Baronial Champions Tourney, Delftwood

Order of the Keystone – Jaric d’Ile Longe Saulte

September 12 1992 – Æthelmearc Investiture (Last Court), Beau Fleuve

Award of Arms – Fatima bint Shabah
Award of Arms – Laurencia du Fond
Award of Arms – Bronach na Carach
Order of the Sycamore – Sturmi Caithnes
Order of the Golden Alce – Henri du Pont
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Christofano Vecchioni
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Aleea Baga
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Kadan Chakhilghan
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Haakon Oaktall
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Ealeanor of Waldren
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Rowean Caithnes
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Andreas Hak
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Amaryllis Coleman
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Alexander Caithnes
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Creador or Dragon
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Kerridwyn O’Cathmar
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Jaric d’ile Long Saulte
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Lina Sigurdardottir
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Magariki Katsuichi no Karadono
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Raven of the Black Tower
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Arianna of Wynthrope
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Mother Superopr Fiona Margaret
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Koga Yoshitsuri
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Ino Ogami / Clan Yama Kaminari
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Hodierna Miriglee of Lincludin
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Michael Langley
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Thomas de la Cascade
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Roseanne
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Juliana Richenda Trevain
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Edward Zifran of Gendy
Sigil of Æthelmearc – Morien

Sigil of Æthelmearc – Charles of Alden