Court Reports for the Principality of Æthelmearc

The Crown Principality of Æthelmearc

Cassadoria Finialla  (Lady Protector)

The Principality of Æthelmearc

  1. Tarbold and Cainder  (December 2, AS XXIV – June 2, AS XXV)
  2. Yngvar I and Hodierna  (June 2, AS XXV – December 1, AS XXV)
  3. Alexander and Rainnveigr   (December 1, AS XXV – June 1, AS XXVI)
  4. Lucan and Jana   (June 1, AS XXVI – Jan 11, AS XXVI)
  5. Ariel and Angharad   (Jan 11, AS XXVI – June 6, AS XXVII)
  6. Bear I and Akiley   (June 6, AS XXVII – September 12, AS XXVII)
  7. Christopher I and Maurya I   (September 12, AS XXVII – March 27, AS XXVII)
  8. Bear II and Judith   (March 27, AS XXVII – September 11, AS XXVIII)
  9. Haakon and Eleanor   (September 11, AS XXVIII – March 26, AS XXVIII)
  10. Morguhn I and Meirwen I   (March 26, AS XXVIII – September 24, AS XXIX)
  11. Robin and Isabeau   (September 24, AS XXIX – March 24, AS XXIX)
  12. Edmund and Rosalind   (March 24, AS XXIX – September 9, AS XXX)
  13. Morguhn II and Meirwen II   (September 9, AS XXX – March 23, AS XXX)
  14. Yngvar II and Caryl   (March 23, AS XXX – September 14, AS XXXI)
  15. Rurik and Elspeth   (September 14, AS XXXI – April 5, AS XXXI)
  16. Kyl and Susan   (April 5, AS XXXI – September 20, AS XXXII)



  • In the listing of historical court reports, all awards which were not listed in the published court report, but are believed to have been bestowed at that court, are listed in italics; this includes entire courts for which reports were unavailable, but were redacted from information in the Precedence and Royal Progress listings in the Æstel. All redacted awards are listed in alphabetical order of recipient name.
  • Awards listed in “{…}” mean that at the time of the award, the order name had not been passed by the College of Arms, and was bestowed under a holding name; the award name listed is the current name of that award.


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