Event Timeline for Æthelmearc’s Second Year as a Kingdom

September 26, 1998,  Sergeants and Yeomens,  Barony of Thescorre

September 26, 1998,  Siege of Glengary III, Shire of Sylvan Glen, Autocrat Cormac O’Gadhra

October 10, AS 33 (1998),  Crown Tourney,  Shire of Sterlyng Vayle
Her Highness, Dorinda handed the key of lEthelmearc’s Seneschal to her drop-dead deputy, Baroness Catelin the Patient:
Mistress Alicia Langland passed the office of Sylvan Signet, and a basket of chocolate for the scribes of AEthelmearc to Mistress Cori Ghora.
The Ladies of the Rose and the Garnet were called forward, and the Shield of Chivalry was passed from Sir James Ahearn to Lord Sylvanus Huntsman. The chivalrous actions of Lord Tristan Sexwulf were praised.
October 31, AS 33 (1998),  Celtic New Year Event,  Shire of Sunderoak

November 7, AS 33 (1998),  Æthelmearc Heralds & Scribes Collegium,  Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais

The Autocrat of Heralds and Scribes, Lord Egill the Dane, asked TRM to hand out gifts of thanks to all the instructors at the event. TRM assented and asked for the assistance of HRH Dorinda in giving out of the gifts.

November 21, AS 33 (1998),  Æthelmearc Academy,  Shire of Misty Highlands

December 5, AS 33 (1998),  Baronial Investiture,  Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

January 2, AS 33 (1999),  Twelfth Night,  Shire of Coppertree

Lord Llewellyn ap Tyrnan: Order of the Nightingale
Timothy of Edgewood: Order of the Nightingale

(Historian note: Order of the Nightingale was the original name of what became the Order of the Fleur d’AEthelmearc.
“In May 1999, Laurel returned AEthelmearc, Kingdom of, Order name for Order of the Sylvan Nightingale citing:  “The order name is being returned for not following the requirements of the rules for order names. The more so since the definition for “sylvan” being relied upon as being period appears to make the word a noun rather than an adjective. RfS III.2.b.ii. requires that “Names of orders and awards must follow the patterns of the names of period orders and awards.” Source: The Æsh Vol 1, #1 May 2001, the newsletter of the the scribes of AEthelemearc.

January 30, AS 33 (1999),  Snowball Fight,  Canton of Beau Fleuve
January 30, AS 33 (1999),  Al-Hafla,  Shire of Nithgaard

February 6, AS 33 (1999),  College of Three Ravens,  Barony of Thescorre

February 20, AS 33 (1999),  Æthelmearc Academy,  Canton of Steltonwald

March 20, AS 33 (1999)      Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon,  Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Augmentation of Arms – Orianna Fridrikskona (1st to be Given by Æthelmearc)

March 27, AS 33 (1999),  Coronation of Cygnus and Dorinda,  Shire of Heronter

Final Court of Morghun and Meirwen
Tarquinius Turnbull, Minister for Arts and Sciences, presented Master Charles O’Conner with a scroll thanking him for his efforts for the AEthelmearc Academy. Master Charles was also named Fellow of the Academy. (Historian note: This is the first mention of an Academy Fellow being created in court.)

March 27, AS 33 (1999),  Coronation – Second Court,  Shire of Heronter

Duchess Maurya Sableswan, Mistress Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi of Granada, and Lady Aleshondra were named Seamstresses to the Court
Mistress Ts’vee’a was presented the queen’s favor for her work in recording the history of AEthelmearc.

April 10, AS 33 (1999),  Blackstone Raid VIII,  Barony of Blackstone Mountain

April 24, AS 33 (1999),  Music and Dance Collegium,  Dominion of Myrkfaellin

May 1, AS 34 (1999),  Will’s Revenge,  Shire of Abhainn Chiach Ghlais

Please also note that, immediately after court, an extremely talented group of archers took to the field. From amongst them, Baron Connor Bowsplitter emerged victorious and was named King’s Archery Champion. The other finalists included Charles of Alden, Charles the Acquisitioner, Jacopo di Nicollo, Juan Miguel Cezar, Lyev Davidovitch, Douglas of Flint and Ragnar Ketilsson. Congratulations to all who participated. (Any misspellings or errors are completely my fault). – Dorinda, Regina (Historian note: This appears to be the first time the King’s Archery Champion was held.)

May 8, AS 34 (1999),  Queen’s Rapier Championship,  Shire of Sunderoak

May 15, AS 34 (1999),  Axes and Ales,  Shire of Sterlynge Vayle

May 22, AS 34 (1999),  Æthelmearc War Practice – evening court,  Canton of Steltonwald

Lord Erwilliam the Bard was called to retire as Sylvan Bard after his fine and amusing tenure, and was inducted into the Order of the Cornelian (no scroll). Three new Sylvan Bards were named: Countess Caryl Olesdottir, Count Jehan de la Marche, and Lord Brion Enkazi. (Historian note: This is the first mention of the Sylvan Bard I see in the court reports but I can’t find a record of when/where Lord Erwilliam earned the title. I have also noted that there are three new bards named at this event. Was it common early on to do this or were there other reasons for naming three?)

May 29, AS 34 (1999),  Crown Tournament,  Shire of Port Oasis

June 12, AS 34 (1999),  Baronial Birthday,  Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

July 10, AS 34 (1999),  Pax Interruptus,  Barony of Thescorre

July 17, AS 34 (1999),  Sheeps and Stones,  Barony of Saint Swithin’s Bog

July 24, AS 34 (1999),  Weapons Proficiency,  Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands
Remus Fletcher was called into court, given a stick and plate, and advised to keep it spinning. The plate was spun for the rest of court.
Remus Fletcher received a Writ of Summons to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Æthelmearc Court at the Pennsic Wars. The plate stopped spinning at this point.
(Historian note: I am very curious as to why Master Remus was given a plate to spin during court. Can anyone provide the story for this?)

August 17-19, AS 34 (1999),  Pennsic War,  Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

September 4, AS 34 (1999),  The Hunt,  Shire of Stormsport

September 11, AS 34 (1999),  Summer’s End,  Canton of Beau Fleuve

September 17, AS 34 (1999),  Coronation of Christopher and Maurya – Friday evening,  Shire of Nithgaard
The following groups were recognized as Gold Patrons of Æthelmearc and given a favor to hang from their banner:
Shire of Coppertree, Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, Shire of Heronter, Canton of Steltonwald, Shire of Sunderoak, Tribe Tuatha Fieren, Tournament Company of St. Dogbert
The following groups were recognized as Silver Patrons of Æthelmearc and given a favor to hang from their banner:
Shire of Abhain Ciach Ghlais, Shire of Hornwood, Shire of Misty Highlands, House Singing Stone, Shire of Sterlynge Vayle, Barony of Thescorre
Groups are listed alphabetically by group name – not by precedence or size of donation. Favors for the geographical groups were embroidered by Elina Einarsdottir while those for the households were made by Baroness Liadain, Katherine and Sodomina of Heronter.
(Historian note: This appears to be some kind of fundraiser. What was it for and what were the guidelines for determining sponsorship level?)

September 18, AS 34 (1999),  Coronation of Christopher and Maurya – Saturday,  Shire of Nithgaard