Event Timeline for Æthelmearc’s Third Year as a Kingdom

Reign of Christopher II and Maurya II
September 18, AS 34 (1999)   Coronation – First Court   Shire of Nithgaard

Christopher was crowned fifth King of Æthelmearc, and crowned his Lady, Maurya, fifth Queen of Æthelmearc.

September 18, AS 34 (1999)   Coronation – Second Court   Shire of Nithgaard

September 25, AS 34 (1999)   Siege of Glengary   Shire of Sylvan Glen

October 2, AS 34 (1999)   Harvest Raids   Shire of Heronter
Baron Conner Bowsplitter relinquished the regalia and responsibilities of King’s Archery Champion. Lord Thomas of Bearwood took up the burden as the new King’s Archery Champion.
Lord Eric Kyle McGuinnes relinquished the regalia and responsibilities of Queen’s Rapier Champion. Lord Camillo Guincelli took up the burden as new Queen’s Archery Champion.

October 9, AS 34 (1999)   Crown Tournament   Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

The Ladies of the Rose presented the results of their quest for quiet service deserving of recognition. Three gentles were named: Micolina, Arielle of Thornbury, and Thomas Byron of Haverford.—***Is this related to the quest referred to in the report for crown tourney?

Brion Enkazi was named Champion of Æthelmearc

The Shield of Chivalry was passed to the new bearer, Henri d’Artois

October 16, AS 34 (1999)   Serf-n-Turf Border Battle   Shire of Hearthstone

**What is the Shire of Hearthstone? Is this a now defunct group or an alternate spelling for Hartstone?

Their Majesties vested Lady Gwendolyn the Graceful with the title of “Bard of Æthelmearc” for the duration of Their Reign.

Countess Caryl Olesdattir, in completion of the Quest set by the Crown at Crown Tournament, found a gentle worthy of recognition for many efforts and for grace and courtesy. This being Anya Katsdottir. Their Majesties, mindful of the qualities of which Countess Caryl spoke, did bestow upon Anya Katsdottir an Award of Arms. –***What was this quest set by TRM’s? It’s not entirely clear from the court report for Crown Tourney. Is it related to the Ladies of Rose choosing gentles deserving of recognition in that report?

October 23, AS 34 (1999)   Weekend of Wisdom   Abhainn Ciach Ghlais

The children of Æthelmearc came before Her Majesty and invited Her to visit a castle they constructed in Her honour. At the conclusion of Court, Her Majesty processed to this castle, and after pronouncing it fit to repell ruffians and monsters, told the children stories.—***Does anyone have pictures of this castle?

October 30, AS 34 (1999)   Celtic New Years   Shire of Sunder Oak

November 13, AS 34 (1999)   Æthelmearc Academy   Barony of Thescorre

November 20, AS 34 (1999)   Batle at Stamford Bridge   Dominion of Myrkfaelinn
**On November 20, A.S. 34, Their Highnesses James and Elina held court on behalf of their Royal Majesties Christopher and Maurya. Reported this November 20, A.S. 34, by Bertran de Mellegwenn, Pursuivant to the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn.
The Honorable Lord Bedwyr Danwyn was called forward and ordered to prepare himself in contemplation for elevation to the Order of the Pelican, at their Majesties’ pleasure, with a vigil to commence on January 8 at the celebration of Twelfth Night in Their Barony of Endless Hills.
**This is the entire court report for this event. Is this the only piece of business that was conducted in this court?
I have been told that this type of court is called a Regency Court? Is that term correct? When may this kind of court be convened?

January 8, AS 34 (2000)   Æthelmearc Twelfth Night   Barony of Endless Hills

The Crown recognized the Incipient Canton of Riverouge.—***Where was this canton located?

Count Jehan de la Marche, with the assistance of Her Excellency, Countess Caryl and Lord Brion Enkazi, transferred regalia for the Office of Sylvan Bard to Her Ladyship, Gwendolyn the Graceful.

Erwillian MacFergus and Wren of Sterlynge Vayle presented twelve pieces of silver jewelry and one hundred forty-four pieces of cast silver which they crafted, and which were commissioned by Dom Guillermo Bardicci, in the spirit of Largess. These were presented as gifts to the People of Æthelmearc.
***Does anyone have photos of these silver pieces?

January 22, AS 34 (2000)   Twelfth Night   Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog

January 29, AS 34 (2000)   Snowball Fight   Canton of Beau Fleuve

February 12, AS 34 (2000)   Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins   Barony of Delftwood

February 26, AS 34 (2000)   Tournament of the White Hart   Shire of Port Oasis

March 15-17, AS 34 (2000)   Gulf Wars   Kingdom of Ansteorra

March 25, AS 34 (2000)   Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon   Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

Mistress Berengaria de Hainault, Lord Henri d’Artois, Lady Ilish O’Donovan of Cork, THL Olwen ferch Rhys were given gifts and recognized for their work on regalia.—***Does anyone know which pieces of regalia this report refers to? Does anyone have photos?

April 1, AS 34 (2000)   Heronter Schola   Shire of Heronter

Her Majesty called forward those who had attended all seven Pilgramage events, and showed them the token that they would receive. THL Gwendolyn the Graceful sang a song about the pilgramage virtues.—***Who can tell me what this pilgrimage was about? Any details would be appreciated.

April 8, AS 34 (2000)   Coronation of James and Elina   Shire of Sterlying Vayle

Reign of James and Elina

April 8, AS 34 (2000)   Coronation – first court   Shire of Sterlying Vayle

April 8, AS 34 (2000)   Coronation – second court   Shire of Sterlying Vayle

April 15, AS 34 (2000)   Blackstone Raids   Barony of Blackstone Mountain

April 29, AS 34 (2000)   Axes and Ales II – first court    Shire of Sterlynge Vayle

Second court   Shire of Sterlynge Vayle

Their Majesties awarded the Thrown Weapons Champion’s scroll to Kadji Katana. Lady Antoinette of Stormsport, Scribe.

Their Majesties awarded the Champion’s prizes to Duke Sir Morghun Sheridan, for his victory in the Heavy Weapons Tourney.

May 7, AS 35 (2000)   Will’s Revenge   Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
Ulrich of Thescorre was installedd as the King’s Archery champion.
Deanna Kulick (Cadet division), Lord Gawin of Hawk’s Nest (Junior division), and Ryan the Red (page division) were declared youth archery champions.

May 13, AS 35 (2000)   Crown Tournament   Shire of Hartstone
Count Cygnus the Blissful and Countess Dorinda Courtenay were invested as the new Heirs to the Sylvan Thrones.
The Ladies of the Rose and the Garnet were called forward and named THL Malcolm MacEioghain the new Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry.
His Grace, Sir Morguhn Sheriden, 11th Jewel of Æthelmearc – promissary scroll by Ekaterina Volkova and Anonymous

THL Edmund Lambert Tregelles was invested as the new Silver Buccle Herald.

May 20, AS 35 (2000)   Æthelmearc War Practice   Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

Their Majesties gave Court time to Will Langdon Graymorne and Ardis Bluemantle, Baron and Baroness of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, for the purpose of holding their final Court.

Tofi Kerthjalfadsson and Genvieve du Vent Argent were invested as the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

Master Creador proposed marriage to his lady, Ann Ling, to the great delight of the populace.

May 28, AS 35 (2000)   Defenders of Amaral   Kingdom of Æthelmearc—***Where was this event held?

The Queen’s Fencing champion, His Grace, Sir Morguhn Sheridan, was recognized at this court. (He had been invested of the title following the tourney on Saturday)
THL Gwendolyn the Graceful sang a song, and passed the mantle of Sylvan Bard to Lady Maeve Ronin

His Excellency, Hamish MacLeod, sometimes called Bishop of Thescorre and Pope of the outer reaches of Æthelmearc, presented travel money to Their Majesties and honors to Eric Kyle MacGuinness for completing his pilgrimage.—***So who is this Hamish MacLeod and how did he come by such unusual titles? And what pilgrimage did Eric complete?

Their Majesties named May 28 as the Feast of the Defenders of Amaral—***Who are the Defenders of Amaral and why did they get a feast day names after them?

June 3, AS 35 (2000)   Melee Madness   Barony of Endless Hills

June 10, AS 35 (2000)   Summer War Practice   Dominion of Myrkfaelinn

June 10, AS 35 (2000)   Heralds and Scribes Collegium   Canton of Wintersedge

July 1, AS 35 (2000)   Barony Birthday   Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

July 8, AS 35 (2000)   Pax Interruptus   Barony of Thescorre

July 15, AS 35 (2000)   The Hunt   Shire of Stormsport

Odette and Jasper, two hounds, were recognized as Principals of the Pack of the Sylvan Hounds, in commemoration of the Crown’s encouragement of Hound Coursing as an Aethelmearc activity.

Tigre Marie and the children of Aethelmearc presented Their Majesties with a Pair of Purple Pillows and Their Highnesses with a basket of goodies.—***Were these pillows intended to be part of the regalia?
Being the Court Report for the Court of Their Highnesses, Cygnus and Dorinda, Sylvan Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc. Court held at the Request of Their Majesties, James and Elina, in the Evening at The Hunt in Their Shire of Stormsport, July 15, AS XXXV, Edmund Tregelles, Court Herald.
Stephanie was announced as the winner of the Equestrian, Games of Peace competition held that day. Scroll by Olwen ferch Rhys.
Henri d’Artois was announced as the winner of the Equestrian, Games of War competition. Scroll by Elise de l’Offutt.—***Why was there a Peace champion and a War Champion? When we start choosing an “Equestrian Champion”?
Charles of Alden was recognized as the winner of the Thrown Weapons competition. Scroll by Antoinette of Stormsport. Bob of Stormsport was recognized as finishing second, despite this being his first event, and was presented with a throwing axe and a spare handle.

July 22, AS 35 (2000)   Annual Three Day Event   Barony of Saint Swithin’s Bog

It was announced that this Their Highnesses were acting at the request and as representatives of Their Majesties.

The people of Coombe Petroc were called forward, and it was announced that Coombe Petroc had achieved full Shire status. The Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais was thanked for their assistance to Coombe Petroc. —***Where was this group located and what became of it?

August 15-18, AS 35 (2000)   Pennsic War   Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

Tristan Sexwulf and Narah bint Durr were called before the court in great procession, and invested of the Barony of Blackstone Mountain. Each swore fealty at that time.

September 9, AS 35 (2000)  Summer’s End  Canton of Beau Fleuve

September 16, AS 35 (2000)  Coronation of Cygnus and Dorinda  Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

His Royal Highness, Cygnus, laid His claim to the Sylvan Throne before Their Majesties. His claim was validated, and He was crowned Seventh King of Æthelmearc. The Court was turned over to Him.