The Giant Spoon of Æthelmearc


The Giant Spoon of Æthelmearc

Back in the first year I found the SCA, as Æthelmearc became a kingdom,
the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle had a woodcarver named Lord Eanraig the
Bonesetter as seneschal. He was best known for his spoons, and I
treasure the one from his hands that I have for stirring beer and cheese.

We knew that King Yngvar and Queen Caryl were likely to travel across
their lands, and heard that at least one would arrive for a Visit at our
Pirate event, planned the second weekend of Their Reign.

Eanraig had pulled out many tricks for this event, the last he would
autocrat in our shire. He wanted everything to be impressive, including
a gift for Their Majesties. So he rummaged through his supplies and
found a board taller than he was, of sound wood and golden tones, and he
began to carve. Upon consultation with shire members, it was determined
it would hold exactly one cup dry goods in the spoon bowl. Upon its
handle were drawn the Arms of the Kingdom, and lower, the Arms of the
Shire. I helped with the painting, along with Eanraig and his lady wife.

His Majesty, King Yngvar, did grace our shire with His Presence long
enough to hold Court (the first I ever attended, so I was a bit
overwhelmed and may not remember everything as precisely as I should).
At the end, Eanraig and I brought forth the Great Spoon, wrapped in a
cloth, and presented it to His Majesty, who was greatly amused. There
may have been offerings of a spanking with the Spoon, but I’m sure
proper decorum was observed.

It is in memory of this Great Spoon that occasionally the Shire of
Sterlynge Vayle will yell “Spoon” when our members are recognized in
Court. Rumors that this yell is inspired by blue artwork found in odd
magic boxes are completely wrong.

Dame George Anne
Sterlynge Vayle


The Spoon
was made to hold One Cup.